SP500 Pips Hunter

SP500 Pips Hunter SP500 Pips Hunter SP500 Pips Hunter
TimeFrame: M15
Profit factor 1.74
Instrument: CFD indices
Supported platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, StrategyQuant
Type: Breakout

The SP_15_841517662_S_BB_CF_SQX is an algorithmic trading strategy for MetaTrader, tested on SP using the M15 timeframe from December 7, 2017, to June 2, 2023. Key details are:

MagicNumber: 841517662
Main Chart: Current symbol and timeframe

Trading Options
Weekend Trading: Allowed (Friday 00:38 – Sunday 00:38)
Daily Exit: Disabled (15:00)
Friday Exit: Enabled at 19:00
Max Trades/Day: No limit
Stop Loss (SL) and Profit Target (PT): No predefined limits

Entry Signals
Long Entry: Triggered when the Open is above the Linear Regression (period 92) after opening below it, and the bar opens above the upper band of the Keltner Channel (period 20, factor 2).
Short Entry: Triggered when the bar opens below the highest low of the last 40 bars after opening above it, and the bar closes below the Simple Moving Average (period 30).

Entry Rules
Long Entry: Opens long orders at the upper band of Bollinger Bands (period 91, deviation 1.88) Stop, valid for 71 bars, with a SL of 0.5% and a trailing stop of 1.8 times the ATR(67), activated at 4.9 times the ATR(92).
Short Entry: Opens short orders at the lower band of Bollinger Bands (period 97, deviation 8.26) Stop, valid for 21 bars, with a SL of 0.5% and a trailing stop of 3.3 times the ATR(251), activated at 2.1 times the ATR(202).

Exit Rules
Long Exit: Closes full position if market is long and no LongExitSignal is active.
Short Exit: Closes full position if market is short and no ShortExitSignal is active.

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