In today’s article, I will show you how, with a few tricks, we can secure our VPS, where our real accounts are running. This is the reason why we need to prevent our server from being hit by potential attackers. I know from my own practice that if you have opened a VPS port for a few minutes, the first attacks or attempts to connect are emerging. VPS security should not be underestimated.

Let’s take a look at some tips:

Tip 1: Restrict Remote Desktop Access (RDP) to a specific IP address

The most effective way is to restrict access to a specific IP address only. In order to connect, we need to have a fixed IP address or secure VPN server address from which we connect to VPS. If you do not have a static public IP or VPN, we recommend at least changing the default remote desktop port.

Tip 2: Change the remote desktop access port

Most RDP attacks take place on the default port 3389. You can easily change this port, but you need to consider other services that are using this port.

Tip 3: Back up

Most VPS providers offer the possibility to back up entire images – so-called snapshot VPS or they offer some backup space. In case of a server attack, the entire image of the disc with minimal downtime can be restored.

Tip 4: Do not open other than needed ports

Keep the firewall set strictly only for the services and IP addresses you need on internet.

Tip 5: Use strong passwords for Administrator and User Accounts

We recommend using a password that contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and at least one special character.

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Tip 6: Do not overload VPS

Monitor the VPS usage with Resource Monitor or Task Manager. When the Metatrader 4 is in the steady mode, the usage should not exceed 40% of the total VPS CPU. Ideally even less. We should not forget the sufficient reserve when the market starts to move and there is a high volatility. This moment is absolutely critical, and the VPS must stand this situation too. At this point, the platform must be stable and have sufficient power to keep robots working, as they were programmed. At this point, it is mainly about the trailing stop and the possible exit order.

If you use VPS from some commercial VPS providers, you should be cautious because some of them block VPS, which exceeds 60% of CPU for more than 30 minutes. In this case, there will be limitations to 200 MHz CPU power. This is causing that the VPS is lagging and can hardly be controlled when connected over a remote area.

Tip 7: Ensure that the VPS server is running

VPS Providers Offer Server Monitoring Service. In the event of a downtime, you will be informed about the possible problem by email or SMS to avoid unnecessary complications.

Tip 8: Update regularly

Keep the system up to date and apply the latest security patches. More at The same applies to Linux. After you apply the system update, restart it. This activity is appropriate during the weekend when the trading is stopped.

Tip 9: Update the Metatrader 4 platform

Metatrader 4 has automatic updates, so it is enough to turn the platform on and off, the update is done in the background when the platform is started. After updating, it’s a good idea to go through all charts if the strategy runs properly. From time to time, the strategy may disappear.

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